Vicki L. Robinson

A Gifted Psychic-Medium and
Certified Intuitive Consultant.
Accurate Psychic Readings given by The Albany, New York Psychic, Vicki L. Robinson


Having given detailed Psychic Readings for over 30 years to people throughout The Capital District, as well as internationally , Vicki L. Robinson has more than earned the title of

The Albany New York Psychic.
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A Psychic in Demand
Because of the high level of accuracy and detail contained in her psychic consultations, Vicki Robinson is one of the most gifted and sought after Psychic-Mediums and Clairvoyants in The Capital District, in Albany, New York and in the US Northeast.

Vicki is now one of the top 10 Psychics in New York.
Top 10 Psychics New York: Each New York Psychic listed on the Top 10 has been hand-picked for the quality of their readings, their reliability and customer satisfaction. Top 10 Psychic New York is provided as a free service to the New York Psychic and Metaphysical Community intended to connect you, the consumer, with a Professional New York Psychic you can feel good about.

How she Begins
Vicki begins your reading by asking for your questions and your birthday.  Next she'll ask for photos of the special people in your life, both dead and alive. Once she has determined your reasons for being here for a reading, she closes her eyes and goes into a clairvoyant, psychic trance as she holds the energy of your object close to her  heart chakra.  Now the reading begins and she takes you on a psychic journey.

Welcome to a Sacred Space
In the heart of the Capital District, on Wolf Road in Albany, New York, Psychic-Medium, Vicki L. Robinson has created a quiet, special and sacred space in which to give her psychic readings.  Vicki welcomes you into her space, where candles are burning, quiet meditational music plays in the background and where there is a slight hint of Spiritual Energy in the air.

Vicki uses Trance & Clairvoyance
With deep respect for your unique pathway, Vicki’s psychic abilities allow her to penetrate the veil between today and tomorrow—between this world and the next, to clairvoyantly see visions, psychic impressions and details about your life, your future and those who have crossed over. Her trance-like state may take her back to your past-lives as she carefully explains their relevance to your current life.  Vicki's voice and her nurturing manner create an air of comfort, safety and trust as you journey with her into the deepest reaches of other dimensions to retrieve information to enable you to create a better life.
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Office hours are Mon - Fri 9 AM - 9 PM.  If you call at other times, please leave a message and your call will be returned during our office hours.
For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only. 
All clients must be at least 18 years of age.
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Lily Dale, the entire community is devoted to understanding the spirit world and communicating with it in a quest for knowledge. Every year, thousands of people visit Lily Dale, attending informational workshops and seminars and readings with Mediums and visiting Healers. Lily Dale is very welcoming to visitors, and has hotels, a bookstore, museum, a temple in the forest for prayer, spirit communication and meditation.

A Message From Vicki L. Robinson's Brother--The New York Psychic

Vicki has been quietly giving readings throughout the Capital District, especially in the Albany area since I can remember.  How do I know this?  Because I am her brother and have been a professional psychic myself, practicing since 1975.  Since we were children, we’ve both been psychic. When we were young, we didn’t quite know we were psychic—we just thought we had unusual experiences that sometimes scared us as kids, but also intrigued us as we grew into adolescence.   Now, as I look back to these formative years, I see our psychic abilities developed as our other more “normal” academic and social skills developed.  In adulthood, Vicki used her psychic abilities on a personal and sometimes professional level, while mainly working in the corporate world.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to those whom Vicki has helped using her psychic abilities.  They have shared their stories with appreciation and amazement at her detail and accuracy.   Posted here are just a few of these testimonials, which are directly from her clients.  As her brother and as a professional psychic, I truly believe that if you schedule an appointment with Vicki for a psychic consultation, you will be very happy with the results.  I say this not just because she’s my sister, but because I’ve witnessed her psychic predictions over the years coming to fruition.  Vicki is a naturally gifted psychic.  She has also spent 3 years training her abilities into a skill at Holistic Studies Institute's Psychic Development Program. Because of her gift, training and skill, Vicki is accurate!  She may not be 100%, but no psychic is.  However, it is my sincere opinion and educated observation that Vicki is one of the finest psychics who is talented as well as professional.  If you have a reading with her, I’m confident that you will be pleased. 


Rev. Stephen C. Robinson
Executive Director & Founder
Holistic Studies Institute -- NYC


Countless numbers of clients claim her psychic readings are up to 90 percent accurate. 

Vicki is a regular customer at the Mobile Gas Station Store in Schenectady, New York, where I work. She knows nothing about my personal life. I had been out of work for a few days due to a family tragedy.  Upon my return, I encountered Vicki.  She had no idea that I was out of work or why.  She asked if she could give me a reading because she was seeing things about me.  She told me she saw a great deal of sadness and loss around me.  I felt a chill go down my spine, especially since my brother had died a few days ago.  I then gave her a Mass Card in a sealed envelope.  Without opening the envelope, she got the name Michael.  She explained that she could see him limping on his right leg and felt as though he was injured it in a motor cycle accident.  I was amazed, because my brother’s right leg was injured in a motor cycle accident just as she saw….and his name is MICHAEL.  Vicki’s reading for me was 100% accurate!  I’m very skeptical of psychics as a rule, but Vicki proved to me that there has to be something to all of this.  She really blew my socks off.


I had a reading in July of 2009 with Vicki at a Psychic Fair setting.  I have to say that I was very impressed with her psychic abilities.  Based on that reading, so far, I give her a 90% accuracy rate.  She was so convincing that I plan to return to her.


My phone reading with Vicki was back in April of ’09. On that day Vicki gave me a very accurate psychic reading.  In fact, I feel that phone reading was the best reading I’ve ever had even in person with any other psychic I’ve known.  Just one example of her accuracy was when she described a male child about the age of 5 – 6 years old, around me being very playful and missing me.  I do have a son, but he is 17 and lives at home.  I couldn’t see how he misses me since he lives with me.  Besides, he is not as young as Vicki described.  Then all of a sudden it hit me that my sister was coming in from out of town and the small child is my 6 year old nephew.  I haven’t seen him in awhile, which explains why he missed me.  Sure enough, when they arrived, he told me how much he missed me.  Her other predictions were personal and very accurate.  I highly recommend her phone readings.


During my last reading with Vicki she picked up on my grandfather who had crossed over many years ago.  I was very close to him and I’ve always felt that I was his favorite.  Vicki didn’t know any of this.  But, during the reading she described him to a “T” She saw him playing cards and drinking coffee.  She also saw him working on cars for a living.  She was so right.  My grandfather was an auto-mechanic, lived on coffee and was an avid card player.  Then she said that she heard him say to her that I should stop crying.  What amazed me the most is that just the other day I was crying over something that was very upsetting to me.  Wow!  If you have a chance to get a reading with Vicki, I’m sure it will be as great as mine was.


I work for an actuarial firm in downtown Albany. At the time Vicki was new at the job and worked in an office close to mine. I had not met her, but had heard that she was a psychic. My curiosity got the best of me, so I walked into her office, closed the door and asked if she would give me a mini-reading. I just had a few questions. I wanted to see if I would pass an exam that I was about to take. Passing this exam was very important because it would have given me a promotion and a salary increase. All Vicki did was hold my wedding ring and closed her eyes. She started to describe lush green grass and had visions of Ireland. She opened her eyes and told me that I was going to Ireland. I asked her, “How did you know that?” She said, because she just saw it. Never mind about that, I said, what about the test? Then I was disappointed when she told me that I would not have a passing grade, but would come very close to passing. Just to verify her predictions: Vicki was right about my not passing, but I did come close as she said. A year later my husband came home with travel brochures. They were all about Ireland!! We actually planned a trip and went. Vicki, thank you for your accurate reading. Sorry that you don’t work for us anymore. We’ll miss you and your psychic predictions. I’ll be coming to you soon for a full reading. Thanks so much for your wonderful spirit and your accurate predictions.


I have seen Vicki a number of times for readings. On one occasion, she came to my house to give a house reading. I suspected there was a spirit in the house, especially since I could hear foot steps going upstairs. Even my cats would watch the stairs as if they were seeing something. Vicki held the banister and touched the wall at the same time. She saw a man in the house, walking around with his hands in his pockets just keeping an eye on things. She said he was not there to harm or to haunt the house. She even came up with a name: “Walter.” At the time I was making renovations to house and she got that he liked them and that he was watching over the place to protect it. This was all the confirmation I needed to realize how detailed and accurate Vicki could be.


My reading with Vicki was very accurate and informative. She told me how my mother passed and how she is now with her mother and father in spirit. She also knew about my Grandfather's drinking problem and the old blue car he used to love, which is still owned by my family. Vicki also knew my Grandmother took care of me as a child because my mother was not there for me emotionally. I loved my reading and would highly recommend her to my friends.


I can’t express in words how grateful I am, that I went to see you today.  Thank you so much for relieving the mental anguish that I had about my family.  You were right about everything.  I will recommend you to everyone that is interested in finding the truth about their essence.  And thanks again for enlightening my path with your beautiful gift.  Until we meet  again please keep doing what you do, because it is amazing how much you can help somebody with it.  Here is an excerpt that you picked up on , from my mother in spirit,  about the group Chicago (her favorite), which was my mother’s way of communicating with me through you:

You should know, everywhere I go you’re always on my mind, in my heart in my soul...

Peter Cetera


I had a wonderful reading with Vicki.  My mother had died a month ago and I didn't know what to expect.  Vicki put me at ease as she told me about the music that we played for my mother while she was in a coma just before her passing.  Vicki also told me that my mother was showing her a body of water and that she could see my mother fishing.  How could she have known all this about my mother? 

She described my husband in Iraq and his confusion he had when he returned to the states.  Vicki said that my husband would wake up not knowing if he was home or in Iraq.  It took him awhile to get adjusted to coming home.  My husband never told me about this until after Vicki's reading. 

Vicki also asked me to ask my mother for a specific sign that she is still around me.  I did exactly what Vicki recommended and the next day I got a sign.  Vicki said it would be something to do with electricity -- and it was!  I am so amazed that my mother came through in the reading and how much Vicki knew about her. 

When I walked out of Vicki's office I had "peace of mind" regarding my mother's passing. I was so impressed with my reading, I referred two of my friends to Vicki Robinson for a reading.

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It appears that Vicki's little dog sees spirit lights and may be just as psychic as Vicki!!  Yes our pets are psychic.

                In total Vicki has 10 videos of Spirit Lights on Youtube.  Go to the link below to check out these AMAZING videos!


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Citysearch has given Vicki an 81% accuracy rate based on client's reviews.  Check them out on the link below:

(518) 446-1111
Vicki's fee for a 1-hour in-depth reading:
$150 -- In-person reading
$195 -- Telephone reading

All major credit cards are accepted.  Cash is accepted for repeat clients only.  Sorry no checks.

All in-person readings are given in Vicki's sacred space, which is a private office.

125 Wolf Rd., Suite 503-6
(Across the street from Denny's)

Office hours are Mon - Fri 9 AM - 9 PM.  If you call at other times, please leave a message and your call will be returned during our office hours.

For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only. 
All clients must be at least 18 years of age.

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